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Karate Kobudo Tai ChiEvents Calendar

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 January 2019
January 1-4 Dojo Closed
January 5 Dojo Open
January 26 Kyu Belt Grading
 February 2019
February 17-25 CMAC Hawaii
 March 2019
March 23 Aikido and Sword Seminar at Yume Da Po Dojo
March 23 Dojo Closed
March 30-April 5 CMAC Japan
 April 2019
April 9 Kyu Belt Grading (4-7yr)
April 13 Kyu Belt Grading
 May 2019
May 5 Tai Chi Seminar and Black Belt Grading
May 26 Open House (2-4pm)
May 26 Sensei Titus Seminar (4:30-7pm)
 June 2019
June 1 Kyu Belt Grading
 July 2019
July 1 Dojo Closed
 August 2019
August TBD
 September 2019
September 5 Dojo Open
 October 2019
October 20 Tai Chi Seminar and Black Belt Grading
 November 2019
November TBD
 December 2019
December TBD




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