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The CMAC Toronto Beaches Dojo is located in the heart of the Beaches at 1971 Queen Street East on the upper level of the Beach Mall. It is a full time training facility for Martial Arts. A professional and well established dojo - our school offers dedicated programs in a variety of Martial Arts for Adults, as well as a diverse and extensive variety of class options for children & young adults.

Virtual Classes CMAC Beaches Virtual Classes

We have started virtual classes for adults on Monday and Thursday night at 7pm.

The classes are combined Karate and Tai Chi classes. They run for approximately 1.5 hours. All belt levels are welcome.

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CMAC Goju Budo books Additional Train At Home Resources:

The CMAC Goju Budo books are now available as eBooks:

These ebooks provide readers with the insights and examples to lay a firm foundation to further progress in the art of karate.

Our Programs:

Our CMAC dojo offers specialized and dedicated programs in Karate, Tai Chi, and Weapons. Whether you choose to train in just a single discipline or enroll in a combination program, we offer a wide variety of options designed for busy schedules and lifestyles!

Our Instructors:

Free Courtesy Class - Drop In Today CMAC instructors are dedicated to excellence in martial arts training. From beginners to advanced level students, our instructors help each individual reach his or her greatest martial arts potential with personal and professional training. Our instructors are winners of International competitions and have studied Martial Arts all over the World.

Welcome from Sensei:
Sensei's Welcome Note

CMAC Goju Budo Ordering CMAC Books:
The new book, "Goju-Budo Volume 7" is now available for purchase at the front desk of the Dojo. It is an excellent reference for any CMAC student. This book represents the seventh of a series of books being authored by Sensei. More information is available by going to JadeBuddhaPublishing.Com.

Martial Arts Books Looking for books from the required reading list? Try our new online ordering page. We've added Amazon links to all the books from the reading list in the student manual:
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