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I have had the pleasure of knowing Sensei Dixon since September 2009. He has been my Karate master since that time.

As a teenager, I wanted to learn Karate but never had an opportunity to do so. In 2009, we enrolled my son at the beaches Classic Martial Arts Canada Karate dojo under Sensei Chet Dixon. The condition was that I had to join as well. That was one of the best things I have ever done.

My career as a heart surgeon is intrinsically stressful. There are pressures to perform technically, professionally and politically. When these pressures mount, there has to be a release mechanism to restore balance.

Sensei Dixon has been vital to maintaining equilibrium. He conveys the importance of The Dojo as a safe environment where his students can come in, block, punch and kick without judgment until the tension is dissipated. He uses anecdotes from his personal experience to relate to the student body and provide advice on navigating life’s pathway. In this way he is a philosophical guide.

Sensei Dixon has the ability to teach the mechanics and application of the martial arts with ease, care and kind discipline. He corrects the errors that he believes are important for the student at their particular stage of martial development. This is no small feat as his classes are heterogeneous with respect to age, rank and abilities. Using his method and inspired effort, everyone advances.

One of the most important characteristics that Sensei Dixon portrays is leadership by example and presence. There are stories of martial arts schools where the Sensei enters the class for only a portion of lesson to demonstrate the tasks to be practiced. Sensei Dixon is present for the warm-up, through the repetition of basic techniques, the demonstration of Kata and their application, to the meditation at the end of class. His demonstration of Kata is energizing and defines awesome.

Sensei Dixon has also provided friendship and support to myself and to his student body during challenging times. He has an open door policy that serves to further consolidate the restitution of equilibrium. I am eternally grateful for the condition that was placed on enrolling my son at the beaches Dojo.

Fuad M, MD

I started training with Sensei Dixon over 20 years ago in a park in Pickering. I was his first student and take great pride in being able to say that of such an amazing teacher. Sensei Dixon has an incredible ability to not only teach but also do. His honor and integrity has been a major influence on who I am today. The lessons he has shared with me in martial arts have saved my life many times from how to react instinctively in a motorcycle crash to avoiding dangerous situations. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Sensei Dixon and encourage anyone who wishes to learn invaluable lessons in Martial Arts and its true meanings to visit the CMAC Beaches Dojo.
- Adrian H.

I have been training with Sensei Dixon at the Beaches Dojo for four years and have enjoyed every minute of it. When I started, I'd never trained anywhere before and had no idea about martial arts. I now have my first black belt and working on number two. I can't imagine my life without it.
- Shanta N.

I wanted to start Martial Arts Training 18 years ago but couldnít decide what/where and how to start. 4 years ago I made the decision to start training, so itís never too late. Training traditional Goju Karate is such a great experience from our day to day rat race. Itís such a reward to train with a Sensei that has the depth and experience to train all levels. From kids to adults or someone out for the first time ?to someone who has been training for 20 years, every class has something new to learn.
- Joel G (Retail Store Owner)

Dear Sensei,

I would just like to take a few moments to extend my sincere gratitude to you as my Sensei, to all members of our dojo and the CMAC organization for welcoming me into the vast world of authentic traditional ancient martial arts. You continually offer such an exceptionally fun, dynamic, fulfilling and exciting training experience that keeps me coming back for more. Nineteen months ago when I first set foot in the CMAC Beaches Dojo, it was initially my understanding that I'd be learning Goju Ryu Karate Do, ancient weaponry and Tai Chi. However I am genuinely humbled to tell you that I have been learning and have been introduced to so much more, much of which I cannot entirely express with mere words alone.

The positive values instilled and fortified in each of my fellow classmates is a reflection of their own inner character and unique life experiences, combined with all that they have received from their training in the dojo. I always look forward to seeing and training with yourself and the students at the dojo on any given night and I would no doubt be training seven days a week if I could. I learn a lot from everyone at the dojo and feel we all have something to share with others in our own special way. I have and continue to observe the students at the dojo, from the kids classes through to the senior classes at all belt levels, and continue to be inspired by everyone's diligent efforts, determination, the respect that exists for one another, as well as the aspiration that exists to be the best in every way humanly possible.

I have been told that upon entering in to the level of 'Black Belt' is when the training really begins. This is beyond the full scope of my comprehension but personally, I will say that I am in no way in a rush to attain the level of the much sought after 'Black Belt' (though I do look forward to it one day when I am ready) as I am enjoying my own process with all the tests and struggles in and out of the dojo along the way. During class I can't help but reflect on your wise words when you once told me that every class IS a GRADING! In truth, my training at our dojo has further enhanced and helped me to apply the teachings towards all aspects of my life: physical, philosophical, emotional, psychological, and even spiritual.

So Sensei, I thank you for the privilege of training under your guidance, for your continued patience and encouragement, as difficult as it may be at times. I also wish to express my humble gratitude to your Sensei, Hanshi Platt for all that he brings to such a rich organization full of wonderful people, and all he has taught you over the past thirty years, which I have the good fortune of receiving as well. I am truly grateful.

I look forward to my next class, after all, "Seven days without Karate makes one weak".

Sava D

I have been at CMAC Beaches Dojo for over 7 years now and am still enjoying my training and learning new things all the time. I have learnt so much over those years and have met some lovely people. Sensei is great and always has time to help you when you have difficulty in learning something and he has a great disposition and all the kids love him, as do his adult students.
Apart from learning how to defend yourself I have also learned to be a more relaxed and tolerant person and I firmly believe it is because of the training.

When I drove down to Michigan a few weeks ago I avoided a very nasty accident and I think it is because of the training my reflexes were amazing, which is pretty good for a 65 year old.
Please think carefully about joining the dojo as you will get so much from the training physically and mentally and it is worth the hard work. If you put in the time you will certainly gain amazing results and you will look and feel so my healthier.

Patricia C



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