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Sensei's Welcoming Note

The viewpoint of the Traditional Martial Arts is that we are a spiritual being with a physical manifestation, where the mind goes the spirit or chi follows, and that the physical is nothing more or less than a manifestation of chi.

Control of our prevalent mental attitude is one of the major tools for controlling our reality. In this case like attracts like, positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.

Therefore, it is up to us to decide whether we want to be Positive, supportive and constructive or Negative, critical and destructive

The choice is ours.

The Dojo or "Place of the Way" is pointed in the direction of Self-Improvement and Spiritual Development through Austere Physical Training. The kicking and punching is the means not the end. The etiquette and process is the vessel.

So please remember that attitudes are contagious. We must all make a special effort to keep things positive when at the Dojo or whenever we are with other Dojo members.

Engi - the law of interdependence of all in the Dojo demands that seniors lead by example, and juniors follow the good example of the seniors.

The Way is in the Training.
I.E. It's not about you, it's about the training.

The CMAC Agenda:
Education not just Entertainment.

The goal of CMAC is to teach traditional martial arts in a positive environment and in a Canadian context.

Bun Bu Ryu Do - The Way of Pen and Sword Oneness
1/3 Austere Physical Training, 1/3 Protracted Meditation, 1/3 Mental Assimilation.

While at the Dojo, the element of austere physical training is the most obvious. To this end we have literally traveled the world to be able to bring you a complete program of the highest quality of martial arts to our Dojo.

The ultimate goal of perfection of character requires that we endeavour to cleanse, build and lead our intrinsic energy. Much like our daily shower, we must first cleanse our energy and learn how to utilize it to create a positive element- Iron Shirt, or Peng Jin, and have this positivity manifest in our daily lives.

The Mental component begins with the basic readings outlined in the Student Manuals, but the goal is expansion and expansion and emancipation of the mind. The Zen method was to awaken the student to the myriad of possibilities and realities that exist in the infinite while keeping us firmly grounded in the here and now.

This of course puts us on a different road than most (the Western scientific measure of disorder which states that in this reality in any enclosed system, entropy or disorder increases over time) as we endeavour to decrease our entropy or increase the order of the closed system that is ourselves in the belief that if we affirm this for ourselves, we can help our community, country, World and Universe.

This we affirm for all sentient beings without exception because of course the goal of enlightenment is to move beyond the subject/object dichotomy, i.e. beyond us and them, here and there.

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth that are dreamt on in your philosophies"

If not you then who?



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