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Toronto Beaches Karate Instructor Grant Tisdall - 3rd Dan - is Senpai of the Toronto Beaches dojo. He started his martial arts training in 1988 when at the University of Waterloo, in Shotokan Karate, Aikido and Taekwondo, and he also participated in numerous university tournaments. While on exchange during his academic studies, he trained in Shotokan for one year at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Upon his return to Canada, he began training extensively under Sensei Tsuruoka in Shotokan and Chito-ryu styles and achieved the rank of 2nd dan in Shotokan.

After University, Grant had the good fortune to meet Sensei Dixon in the Beach and was attracted to the circular and alternating hard/soft techniques that Goju-ryu is known for. He expanded his martial arts training by "emptying his cup" and training under Sensei Dixon in kobudo and Goju-ryu karate, achieving his current rank of 3rd dan in Goju-ryu and 3rd dan in kobudo. He has participated in numerous CMAC seminars and camps with Sensei W. Platt, Sensei Dixon, and Sensei Basels, including most notably the Iron Dale and Shelburne camps. As Senpai, Grant assists in the children and adult classes at the Beaches dojo and enjoys any opportunity to work on reverse punch technique and execution. In recent years he has studied Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gwa and Chi Gung. He has also led instructional seminars on wooden weapons making, including tanto and boken carving.

One of Grant's passions is the crafting of traditional Okinawan wooden practice weapons for students of CMAC, leveraging his experience in kobudo and wood working. For the future, he has his sights set on expanding his craft to the forging of traditional metal weapons. Grant has a grade school son and a high school daughter training under Sensei Dixon and enjoys spending time with them to perfect their application of mind, body and spirit, both in karate and in their lives outside of the dojo.




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